Rancilio Silvia v4 2016 & Grinder Package

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Cheap Rancilio Silvia and Grinder Package Australia

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There’s no doubt that the Rancilio Silvia is one of the most sort after home coffee machines today. It’s the first foray into the home barista dream. We’ve realise that if your purchasing your first quality coffee machine then you’ll probably need a matching grinder to get the most of the Silvia.

Espresseur have tried to make it easy and put together the perfect pack. Matching the Rancilio Rocky which is a fantastic grinder for getting the perfect pour. These grinder are not a toy product and can grind perfectly for the biggest of machines.


The Rancilio Silvia V4 2016

An innovative coffee machine that has been designed and manufactured to create a home coffee making experience.

This machine has been built in a way that ensures more reliability and better energy efficient performance. It comes with a boiler made of brass that enhances heat stability. Its handle is designed ergonomically to make using it easy. One of the most recognised home espresso machines that would be a excellent entry to the world of home baristing.

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  • Cup Warmer: Top
  • Steam Wand: 1
  • Body: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:L 290mm P 235mm H 340mm
  • Power: 230V 50/60Hz 1100W
  • Water tank: 2,5 liters
  • Weight: 14 Kg


  • 1-cup filter
  • 2-cup filter
  • Measuring scoop and coffee-tamper
  • Back flush mat



Rancilio Rocky SD

  • Rocky has grinding burrs with a diameter of 1.9 inch (50 mm), guaranteeing a production of 5.5-7.7 lb/hour (2.5-3.5 kg/h).
  • The dosage is 0.2 Oz (7 g), with a capacity for 10.5 Oz (300 g) of coffee beans. Semi-automatic version.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 4.7 x 9.8 x 13.8 in
  • 120 x 250 x 350 mm
  • Weight: 15.4 lb, 7 kg
  • Coffee bean container: 10.5 Oz, 300 g
  • Production: 5.5-7.7 lb/h, 2.5-3.5 kg/h
  • Burrs diameter: 2.0 in, 50 mm
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 140 W
  • Version: semi-automatic





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