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What are we about?

The new commercial coffee machines market is expensive and confusing. This is why we formed Espresseur. We supply high quality new commercial coffee machines for sale to the Australian catering industry, at cost effective pricing with no extra hidden costs or hidden exclusions.

Espresseur believe that an effective business is one that isn’t handing money over every month for confusing espresso machine contracts that end up costing three times the amount over the lifespan of the machine.

Best deals in commercial coffee machines new and used
Best deals in commercial coffee machines new and used

How can Espresseur offer great pricing?

Espresseur is an online company with minimum overheads. We are in a position to offer and supply discounted pricing on new commercial coffee machines to you from some of the most commercially respected brands world wide

Australian wide Guarantee.

What Machines do we sell?

At Espresseur we pride ourselves on the quality of the espresso machines we sell and the high level of after sales service that’s provided. To ensure our discounted cafe commercial coffee machines are amongst the best offers in town we went straight to the top! then arranged great pricing.
Best deals in commercial coffee machines new and used commercial coffee machine in café

BEZZERA! La Marzocco! Rancilio! Expobar! Mazzer!


Coffee Machines are a proven performer within the cafe industry that dates back to 1901 with their invention of the first Espresso machine as we know it today. There’s a world wide respect of their capabilities to deliver a stylish robust machines. Ranging from the famous Eagle commercial coffee machine to the iconic semi-commercial Domus Galatea and the ground breaking Ellisse PID commercail coffee machine model, with auto-steaming to ensure consistency of coffee to your customers from all staff members in the busiest of times.


With over 55 years and 3 generations of experience in the industry the EXPOBAR brand is widely respected as a brand you can trust to produce coffee in the busiest of situations. Respected world wide for there cost effective products they have continually shown that there product is a quality reliable purchase.

La Marzocco!

Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, La Marzocco had its beginnings in Florence, Italy, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to such geniuses as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi who created some of the most celebrated works of art in the world. It seems only fitting that La Marzocco, would earn a world renown reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail.


MAZZER LUIGI S.R.L. was established in 50’s as a precision machine workshop and became in few years a leader manufacturer of commercial coffee grinders and grinder-dosers.

From the beginning Mazzer never changed its philosophy oriented to precision and reliability of its coffee grinders which led the company to be today the reference manufacturer in this sector.


Since 1927 Rancilio has been working to safeguard and promote Italian espresso culture all over the world. We call this “Coffeeing the World” – exporting everywhere a corporate philosophy based not only on technology, but also on talent, sensitivity and ingenuity.

Best deals in commercial coffee machines new and used

We have an assortment of fast selling used equipment too!

All supplied with a 3 month warranty nationwide. Some pricing is hard to believe, for products <18-48 old. All machines can be rented or purchased, Renting gives you the flexibility of try the machine before buying as 75% of your weekly payments are reducing the already low price.

Espresseur’s offer is a real combination of a discount price with a highly respected product.

If your’e in the market to upgrade or purchase our used or New commercial coffee Machines Brisbane Sydney Melbourne range, phone us at Espresseur.

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Espresseur’s new commercial coffee machines come with a 12 month Manufactures Australian warranty

Commercial product: Onsite repairs, region dependant.
(Please check with Espresseur about your region)

Domestic products: Return to local service agent. (Please call listed product importers Click Here or Espresseur for local agents to you)

*Onsite warranty repairs for all products and areas can be arranged at buyers own costs and discretion.

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