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New Commercial Coffee Machines Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

Yep, We have worked out that this quality option is not only cheaper! but doubles the chance of having a B2009DE espresso machine ready to go regardless.                               

Putting 2 new commercial coffee machines side by side looks normal to the public, but gives you endless combinations and cost saving reasons to consider. It’s a viable alternative to a 3 or 4 group machine. CHEAP! reliable 4 group espresso coffee machine option.

These Compact 2 group new commercial espresso machines pack all the punch’s of full sized B2000 new commercial espresso machines. It allows you to brew coffee into a tall glass or mug. High platforms make it easy when brewing into traditional cups. These new commercial espresso machines by Bezzera are beautifully made, to be robust and preform while looking good.

“Since 1901 there’s a bit of Bezzera in every espresso ever poured”

These easy to use, stylish and the perfectly sized new commercial espresso machines. Baristas can easily work 2 groups at a time while using a smaller foot print. Perfect for coffee cart or smaller espresso establishment, these espresso machines are sold and used
in well known commercial take food chains, due to there reliability and ease of use. Available in Black and Red paneling for the bench that needs a bit of a spruce up.


Key Benefits

Styling 2 group compact – high group
Construction Premium craftsmanship & quality
Frothing Ability/Recovery 2L with 20 second recovery
Water/Steam Fully flexible stainless steam & water arms
Pump Type Rotary
Cup Warmer Large cup warming station
Temperature stability Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety & greater thermal stability
Gauges Boiler and pump gauges
Boiler Refill Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage
Options Volumetric, Black or Red
Dimensions 600mm x 495mm x 535mm
Weight 60kgs

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New commercial espresso machine brisbane australia B2009DE

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