Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group

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Astoria Commercial Coffee Machine

Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group is an Italian based espresso machine manufacturing company focused on providing quality machines at an affordable price. Simplicity and durability, combined by a rigorous design, communicate the soul and the body of this espresso coffee machine.
With simple but balances aesthetics, realized with durable materials and with details optimized for a professional use, TANYA results as the ideal solution for those seeking the essence of quality and the best combination of simplicity and reliability.
Available in SAE electronic version, with volumetric dosage of 4 coffee doses directly programmable from the control panel, and in the AEP semi-automatic version, provided by manual button command.

Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group

Features and specifications:

  • Compact Design
  • 4 Programmable Volumetric Dosing per Group
  • Steam Wand
  • High Cup Machine Perfect for 16oz Take Away
  • Built in Cup Raisers
  • Hot Water Tap
  • Steam & Brew Pressure Gauge
  • Large Surface Area – Plenty of Storage for Cups
  • 2500 Watts / 10amp Single Phase Power
  • Dimensions: 505mm W x 535mm D x 515mm H
  • 1 yr non- perishable parts warranty


Please check for free delivery options, and installation requirements for the Astoria Greta 1 group.

Espresseur Support

Espresseur are proud to supply solid fundamental support for the Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group. It continually proves to be the back bone of the company success . Because help for new and old customers is how we began. So it’s fundamental to our business that we provide pre sale and post sale support. Like information on best solutions for you.

So having grown believing people like dealing with people, who have a passion and interests for this industry.

Either pre-sale or post you are welcome to call within trading hours ,because if you want to talk coffee machines, either commercial coffee machines or the Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group coffee machines for any reason we’d appreciate it, because support or just related enquiries can be the start of our Coffee machine journey together.


Just call the numbers below so to get the information you need, because we can help or support your commercial coffee machine needs.

BNE:(07) 3106 0716    MEL:(03)8644 8096     SYD:(02)8004 9240    PER:(08)6102 3447

All new Astoria TANYA Compact 2 Group Coffee Machines either Compact 1 group, 2 group commercial coffee machines or 3 group commercial coffee machine are backed by after-sales phone/email support from Espresseur. Along with a commercial 1yr parts warranty on all of their high quality commercial coffee machines in rural or cities, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne , Adelaide, Perth, Australia


With contacts across Australia in the coffee industry, we aim to address any functional issues identified in a timely a manner.

Extend your warranty up to an additional 2 years.

Contact us today for a quotation on the equipment you are looking to purchase.

Our Commercial Brands BezzeraLa MarzoccoExpobarRancilioMazzer are the most supported coffee machine brands world wide. So they lead the way in direct manufacturer and importer support. Espresseur are able to arrange extra support with installation, training, and quick over the phone solutions.

Calling us between work hrs, to gets things started.


BNE:(07) 3106 0716    MEL:(03)8644 8096     SYD:(02)8004 9240    PER:(08)6102 3447

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