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No Contracts! This arguably would have to be the best coffee machine deal in Australia for owning your own machine.

If your a new or established cafe looking to make money please read on.

Espresseur have come up with a unique way to relieve you of cost when purchasing a commercial coffee machine.

We sourced an absolute beautiful bean and a stylish commercial workhorse coffee machine.

The B2013 from the respected originators of the Italian espresso machine “Bezzera” RRP $6500.

Plus 50 kg’s of “Buon Giorno” Coffee RRP $1600.

A proven Blend that Bezzera use to demonstrate their new classic coffee machines to the world market.

“For over 100 yrs Bezzeras’ family business in Milan have fine tuned this blend so every customer who tastes a coffee from their fantastic machines leaves impressed”


So how does this work?


Conservatively you make 100 coffees per kg  (Simply put  50kg = 5000 coffees)

Conservatively you sell a Coffee for $3.80      (Simply put 5000 coffees = $19000 Sales)

Conservatively you make $3.00 per cup         (Simply put 5000 coffees = $15000 Profit)

The rest is history 🙂


If these numbers don’t really add up for you, half them! You still in a great position for the best coffee machine deal that allows you to “own” a new quality 2 group commercial coffee machine.

If your interested in minimising cost and making money at the same time well Espresseur give a genuine offer to consider.


No strings attached: Just a new way to go about things.


  • The new Bezzera B2103 receives a 1 yr in house warranty in all major regional areas from Bezzera Australia.
  • 50 kgs of vacuumed sealed  Bezzera “Bon Giorno” quality coffee with a fantastic easy to pour nature and a long (unopened) shelf life.
  • No Contracts, you own everything.
  • Delivered to your door for no extra charge.
  • And you keep any extra profits.
  • No follow up orders required


So for the Best coffee machine package in Australia

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Bezzera B2013 Key Benefits


  • Styling: 2 group
  • Construction:Premium craftsmanship & quality
  • Body:AISI 304 commercial grade brushed stainless steel
  • Frothing Ability:3 Litres with 20 Second Recovery
  • Water/steam:Fully flexible stainless steam and water arms
  • Cup Warmer:Large Cup warming station above unit
  • Temperature stability:Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety & greater thermal stability
  • Gauges:Boiler & pump Gauges
  • Boiler Refill:Automatic Boiler Refill, plus safety cut out to prevent damage
  • Options:Volumetric


Bezzera B2013 Specifications

  • Power:240 V/ 50-60 Hz
  • Element:3130 Watts
  • Group Head:Bezzera Proprietary
  • Water Supply:Plumbed in
  • Pump Type:Commercial Rotary Pump
  • Boiler:11L
  • Boiler Construction:Heavy duty brass
  • Head Heating:Electric Element
  • Handles:1 X Single, Multiple Double
  • Accessories:Blind basket, Measuring Spoon, Group Brush
  • Weight:54 Kg Net
  • Width:750mm
  • Depth:550mm
  • Height:515mm


Bezzera Coffee Beans : Buon Giorno 50KG

  • Brought to you by the oldest espresso machine company in the world.
    Bezzera brings you the most authentic Italian espresso as it is since 1901.
  • A mixture composed mainly of the best quality coffee beans.
    Full-bodied, intense and strong, enjoyed in the Italian way.
  • Best enjoyed in a milk recipe or those requiring a sharp and intensifying espresso.
  • Coffee beans were properly de-stoned and roasted by the most sophisticated techniques to achieve the best optimal results.
  • Perfectly vacuumed for lasting quantity orders.
  • Beans are available to buy at later date if required.


Espresseur are proud to supply solid fundamental support for all their customers. It continually proves to be the back bone of the company success .”Help for new and old customers” We believe that people like dealing with people who have a passion and interests for this industry.

Either pre-sale or post you are welcome to call within trading hours for any support or just related enquiries. (07) 3106 0716

All machines are backed by after-sales phone/email support from Espresseur, along with a 1yr parts and labour warranty on all of there high quality products

2 group commercial coffee machines prices Australia

With contacts across Australia in the coffee industry, we aim to address any functional issues identified in a timely a manner.

Extend your warranty up to an additional 2 years on some 2 group commercial coffee machines

Contact us today for a quotation on the equipment you are looking to purchase.

Our Commercial Brands BezzeraLa MarzoccoExpobarRancilioMazzer are the most supported coffee machine brands world wide and lead the way in direct manufacturer and importer support. Espresseur are able to arrange extra support with installation, training, and quick over the phone solutions

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