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Power & Style that does not compromise on functionality!

The Ellisse DE PID commercial coffee machine combines all the best of Bezzera’s traditions and experience with a fresh modern design.

For over 100 years Bezzera has maintained a name for strength and reliability with a wide variety of commercial coffee machines and this machine carries on that very tradition.

The auto Steaming wand, that can be set to your favorite temp and steam pressure to create a consistent micro-foam for your customers. This has been perfected to give a consistent result for your basic latte or cappuccino customer so all staff can produce a quality coffee at the busiest of times.

The Ellisse DE PID commercial coffee machine prices have features that set it apart from the Bezzera B2000 2 group commercial coffee machine and Bezzera B2009 2 group commercial coffee machine,but carries on Bezzera’s tradition and combines it with 21st century design.

Key Benefits

  • Styling
  • 2 group
  • Construction
  • Premium craftsm anship & quality
  • Frothing Ability/Recovery
  • 3L with 25 second recovery
  • Water/Steam
  • 2 Fully flexible stainless steam, 1 auto, 1 manual. 1 water spout.
  • Pump Type
  • Commercial Motor Pump
  • Cup Warmer
  • Large cup warming station
  • Temperature stability
  • Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety & greater thermal stability
  • PID
  • Boiler temp, group head temps, shot counter, auto on/off,
  • Boiler Refill
  • Automatic plus safety cutout to prevent machine damage
  • 1111Dimensions
  • 750mm X 500mm x 510mm
  • Weight
  • 70kgs

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