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Commercial Coffee Machines Australia Water Filter Kit


The 2cb-gw 2 commercial water filter Kit is perfect for all commercial coffee machines. with all the necessary attachments required for a standard installation.

Using high pressure braided hosing to ensure robust performance under all conditions. This Water filter kit ensures your customer get a quality water without bad after taste.

Easily supplied cartridges when required ($90)

Note: Please seek professional help for installation as kit is not cover by a user assembled warranty.

Note: the filter cartridge supplied is not as shown and currently is being supplied with a larger capacity Bombora  2CB-GW-2 see details below and image.


  • The 2CB-GW-2 replacement filter is commonly used with coffee & ice machines. It effectively removes particles, chlorine, bad tastes, odours & dirt whilst inhibiting scale development.
    Rated capacity: 13,200 Litres old 3m was 9000 litres
  • 1 x 1 way water cartridge head
  • 1 x meter Braided F/F Hose
  • 1 x pressure reduction valve
  • 1 x  3/8 to 1/4 inch M/M
  • 2 x  3/8 to 3/8 inch M/M


3M Cartridge

Designed to fit into competitive systems. Built-in 5 micron sediment prefiltration, scale inhibition and chlorine taste and odor reduction. Sanitary quick change design. Capacity: 2,000 gals (7,570 L) at 1.5 gpm (5.6 lpm).


Product / 3M Id / UPC Capacity Capacity (metric) Flow Rate (gpm) Micron Rating Push To GSDB SAP MPFN
3M™ Water Filtration Products Replacement Filter Cartridge, Model CFS9710-S, 12 per case, 55891013M Id : 70-0200-0254-2
GTIN(UPC/EAN) : 0 00 16145 06883 6
2,400 Gallons
9,055 Litre
1.0 gpm









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