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Commercial Coffee Machines Australia Bezzera Tampa

For the perfect Shot and minimise the variables

A Stylish piece, Bezzera tamper & weight station

This flat 56mm tamper is a true connoisseurs finger tamp and station.
By using this beautiful smaller machine milled head you can slide the tamper North ^   South v  East >  West <   in the basket guaranteeing consistency through the tamped coffee biscuit eliminating pitting before the pour.
Add to that the stainless steel weighted station for consistency of pressure.
When placing your group handle into the stands suspended slot the stand will begin to flex at around 20 lbs when tamping, and instantly indicates you’ve repeated the same tamp pressure as before.
Eliminate pitting and inconsistant tamping pressure with this easy to use connoisseurs tamp and weighted station and just drink better coffee.

-Flat base
-Solid Stainless Steel
-Bezzera labeled
-Weighted stand
-Approx. 20 pound tamp flex in stand for consistency.



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