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ECM Compact HX-2 PID Mazzer Pack

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ECM Espresso Coffee Machines Manufactures the premium ECM Compact HX-2 PID espresso machines for household and catering . We look back on more than 20 years of experience in the espresso business and manufacture our products with a lot of heart and in passionate craftsmanship. Our aim is your perfect espresso. Our product range is also rounded off by a wide range of espresso accessories siutable for the ECM Compact HX-2 PID.

he Super Jolly Automatic grinder-doser with flat blades is suitable for medium consumption. This grinder is ideal for small cafes or restaurants producing under 5kg’s a week or as a second grinder for single origins and decaf. The motor is 100 watts bigger than the mini which enables a quicker grind. Step-less micro-metrical grinding adjustment ensures grind adjustments are easy and fast. Programmable Electronic dosages, manual, single, double shots.

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