Expobar Mazzer Package



Expobar Mazzer Commercial Coffee Machine Package

The 2 ingredients that make good cafe coffee come together with the Expobar Mazzer commercial coffee machine deal

Our goal was to find a quality coffee output solution within a budget.

The criteria was based on 300 coffees a day, with a easy quality and pleasing consistently.

This Expobar/Mazzer commercial coffee machine combination came out in front and will serve any cafe well at a affordable price.

Combining the professional 2-Group 20amp Expobar Mega Crem 11.5lt boiler and a Mazzer Super Jolly Electronica with its’ electronic dosing we where amazed with the quality results. These 2 machines paired together give you power and most importantly consistency that makes it easy to please your customers.

We added some accessories that are required for any new setup Enjoy.

Expobar Mega Crem 2-Group


Automatic espresso coffee machine with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically and manual overide group switch per group. Automatic water filling and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group. Two steam taps (stainless steel) and one hot water tap.



Technical Specifications


  • Functionality: Volumetric/Semi Auto Control
  • Power: Single Phase (3 Phase on Request)
  • Maximum Installed Power: 15 amps
  • Boiler Size: 11.5 ltr
  • Boiler Composition: 99.9% Pure Copper
  • Automatic Boiler Filling: Yes
  • Manual Boiler Filling: No
  • Heat Exchanger Size: 2 x 450ml
  • Heating Element Power: 3050 watts
  • Hot Water Outlets: 1
  • Steam Outlets: 2
  • Steam Pressure Gauge: Yes
  • Inbuilt Pump Type: Rotary
  • Pump Capacity: 200 ltr/hour
  • Standards Compliance: CE




  • Product Dimensions(mm):(700)Wx(580)Dx(510)H
  • Product (Net) Weight: 65Kg
  • Shipping Dimensions(mm):(765)Wx(650)Dx(555)H
  • Shipping (In Carton) Weight: 69Kg



Mazzer Super Jolly Electronica


  • Flat grinding blades, suitable for bars with medium consumption needs.
  • Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.
  • On demand grinding.
  • Electronic dose adjustment. Single and double dose with independent adjustment.
  • Digital display with shot counter.
  • An aluminium hand tamper and a support for tamping are included.
  • Available in single phase only.


  • Power
  • 350 Watt
  • Grinding blades
  • Ø 64 mm (2 ½ inches) ref. 33M
  • Grinding blade speed
  • 1400 r.p.m. (50 Hz)
  • 1600 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
  • Coffee-bean container capacity
  • 1,2 Kg (2,7 lbs)
  • Net weight
  • 14 Kg (31 lbs)


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