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“Matteo Coffee distributes genuine gourmet Italian espresso coffee in Australia which has been roasted, blended and matured in a remote southern Italian village. Italian espresso Coffee is often imitated in Australia but is never equaled. This coffee is simply unique. It consists of a minimum of seven different beans which are hand picked from all over the world and brought together beautifully to provide a symphony of aroma. The resulting cupped espresso allows the connoisseur to taste ‘the beans’ rather than to taste ‘the roast’. This difference stems from with the mastered art of Italian espresso coffee production and the uniquely Italian process of maturing the espresso beans after roasting. This is a step often missed by many Australian coffee roasters eager to get their product out on the market and why you will find most coffee available today lacking depth and flavour.

Matteo coffee’s blend has been carefully selected for the Australian palate where the coffee culture is largely ‘milk based’ coffees.

The smooth Italian espresso of Matteo coffee cuts nicely through the milk.







Matteo Coffee is based in Brisbane; providing Brisbane coffee shops, home and offices their weekly coffee supply. However Matteo coffee also distributes interstate to as far as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Retail price of beans are $35/kg + Freight. (Freight costs vary depending on location) E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods are also available at $105/pk150 (individually wrapped) Commercial supply pricing are welcome upon inquiry.