FREE! Shipping Australia wide through Leading Freight Companies …..

  • All units from Espresseur will be shipped FREE! with total purchases over $1000 within 3-5 working days of payment being received.
  • A flat $20 dollar shipping fee Australia wide for totals under $1000 regardless of the quantity being ordered.
  • A freight tracking number can be supplied on request for customer reference.
  • All quality commercial coffee machines, grinders and accessories are shipped in original manufactures carton.
  • Products are shipped with all original content from Manufactures and double checked to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Bezzera, La Marzocco, and Expobar Australia carry out a full quality control check on all coffee machines before departure,

All products have Australian electrical compliance insurance and are legally valid products for the Australian Consumer Market, for your insurance purposes.

All products will have there appropriate power plugs attached where applicable.
Contact us for details BNE:(07) 3106 0716    MEL:(03)8644 8096   SYD:(02)8004 9240    PER:(08)6102 3447

All products settings set to manufactures default standards as to ensure the best out of the box performance.

If shipping is stalled due to unforeseen circumstances then arrangements will be made to provide a speedy resolution.

Order your commercial coffee machine or contact us (07)31060716

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Espresseur are proud to supply solid fundamental support for all their customers. It continually proves to be the back bone of the company success . ”Help for new and old customers” We believe that people like dealing with people who have a passion and interests for this industry.

Either pre-sale or post you are welcome to call within trading hours for any support or just related enquiries.
BNE:(07) 3106 0716    MEL:(03)8644 8096   SYD:(02)8004 9240    PER:(08)6102 3447

All machines are backed by after-sales phone/email support from Espresseur, along with a 1yr parts and labour warranty on all of there high quality products

With contacts across Australia in the coffee industry, we aim to address any functional issues identified in a timely a manner.

Our Commercial Brands BezzeraLa MarzoccoExpobarRancilioMazzer are the most supported coffee machine brands world wide and lead the way in direct manufacturer and importer support. Espresseur are able to arrange extra support with installation, training, and quick over the phone solutions

Espresseur  9am-5pm Monday to Friday BNE:(07) 3106 0716    MEL:(03)8644 8096   SYD:(02)8004 9240    PER:(08)6102 3447