Espresso shot guide

This Baristing Espresso shot guide is designed to answer all basic requirements and questions, for producing a consistent shot of coffee using a group handle espresso machine. It’s something you can refer to as a reference guide.

It covers the methods that a beginner or budding Barista needs to correct an oversight, while trying to extract a perfect shot.

Before using purchased product from Espresseurs the home of quality commercial coffee machines, be sure to read the following guide to see if there’s anything that can assist you.

Which helps our Quality but cheap commercial coffee machines Sydney Melbourne Brisbane to be in good hands.

Hopefully from the guide you’ve managed to understand that if you can fill and Tamp then your machine is in good hands.

About the Espresso Shot Guide:

After reading all the technical information from this Espresso shot guide.  Prior to this and from my own experience all problems are over come with a consistent method. That repeats every pour.

Once your proficient in your technique then all coffees can be constructed. Simply changing the basket size to suit the drinkers request. Following the guides techniques you’ll be able to produce a quality shot of coffee, using recognised methods for all cup sizes.

Once you master the basics consistently from the espresso shot guide. Experiment and suit a pour that best serves you or your customer.

Milk coffee’s when using the equation from the guide are based around 120 ml of micro foamed milk that when added to your 30 ml shot gives you the basic latte or cappuccino of 150 ml

A lot of people will use the 14-16 gram basket and cut the shot off early which works really well. But the last third of a balanced shot is missed and you’ll have a more acidic full-bodied shot. First learn the technique from the espresso shot guide in producing balanced shot then experiment without wasting precious beans.

A Shot is typically broken into 3rds. The 1st being the Acidity, the 2nd being the Body and the 3rd or final part consisting of the balance (bitterness). Removing one of the 3rds effectively changes the characteristics of the extraction which sometime works out for the better. Use this guide to make sure you can extract  the all important 3 1/3’s consistently.

After which it’s fun to experiment and enjoy the results.

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