Bezzera Extended Warranty


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Commercial Coffee machine for Sale Extended Warranty


Extend your warranty Up to 3 Years ….On our Bezzera range like the Domus, and BZ10


A commercial coffee machine for sale is already a die hard product, with a life expectancy of 20 plus yrs.

Though many business would suggest that even the most robust new commercial espresso coffee machine can have a hiccup at your expense.

All these products are backed by the Bezzera Australia 1year warranty but some investors suggest they’d like more coverage as not to have any extra bills within their return on investment period.

Normally priced machines would take 5yrs to return your investment with only 1 yr of warr, but Espresseur’s commercial coffee machine for sale prices can have a return in 3yrs which will be covered for parts and labor as well.

By simply adding this to your cart you’ll receive an 2 extra years of the manufactures warranty, making your already cheap commercial coffee machine the most trusted product on the market.

2 extra yrs of Warranty will give you no parts and labour repair costs for a total of three years of manufactures cover.


Exclusions are normal as the base Bezzera 1yr manufactures warranties. Bezzera covers the product for faulty manufacturing or defective part. It dose not cover in house service or scales build up.


The cost is $250 for 2 additional years of the 1 yr manufactures product warranty.

Inclusive Products:  Domus, Bz10, Mita, Matrix, Duo, Strega.



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