• ECM Barista A2

ECM Barista A2





ECM Espresso Coffee Machines Manufactures the premium ECMBarista A2 espresso machines for household and catering . We look back on more than 20 years of experience in the espresso business and manufacture our products with a lot of heart and in passionate craftsmanship. Our aim is your perfect espresso. Our product range is also rounded off by a wide range of espresso accessories for the ECM Barista A2 .

Key Features:

  • Professional, high-quality tipping valves
  • Practical PID control to regulate the steam temperature
  • 2 high-quality ECM brewing groups with innovative stainless steel brewing bellsAutomatic dosing of 4 cup filling quantities
  • Automatic dosing of 4 cup filling quantities
  • Built-in rotary pump
  • Easy boiler emptying for transport
  • Switchable, electronically controlled pre-infusion


  • boiler volume approx. 14L
  • stainless steel kettle
  • boiler pressure gauge
  • pump pressure gauge
  • PID control
  • screen
  • pump type rotary pump
  • ECM filter carrier ● angled handle
  • Performance 4,000W
  • Weight 72kg
  • Dimensions (without filter holder) W x D x H 700x540x575mm


  • Switchable, electronically controlled pre-infusion
  • 3 ergonomically angled ECM filter holders with balanced weight distribution (1x 1-spout, 2x 2-spout)
  • 2 drip grids to raise the espresso cups
  • Service-friendly: Easy to open by loosening just four screws
  • Double pressure gauge for displaying boiler and pump pressure

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