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Iberital IB7 Compact 2 Group Mazzer Pack

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Iberital IB7 Compact 2 Group Mazzer Pack is Designed for small spaces, the IB7 is the perfect coffee companion. A machine with smart, compact
design that retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products.  It is the final piece of
the puzzle to make your bar complete. Iberital IB7 Compact 2 Group design embodies the vision of a classic
20th-century espresso machine and combines it with a reliable model built from durable materials
and stainless steel panels. Whether you are experiencing IB7 for the first time or ensuring
its upkeep, the IB7 fuses ergonomics with smart design to provide best experience.


The Super Jolly Automatic grinder-doser with flat blades is suitable for medium consumption. This grinder is ideal for small cafes or restaurants producing under 5kg’s a week or as a second grinder for single origins and decaf. The motor is 100 watts bigger than the mini which enables a quicker grind. Step-less micro-metrical grinding adjustment ensures grind adjustments are easy and fast. Programmable Electronic dosages, manual, single, double shots.


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